Quilt Making: A Fall Tradition Stitched In Time

September ushers in shorter days and cooler evenings. After a long, blazing summer, Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home services always welcomes the change of pace! This time of year, a patchwork of leaves starts to color the trees, while we all … Read More

Claim Your Independence

It’s something us seniors know well: The importance and empowerment of staying independent. For some, that means continuing to do the activities they love. For others, it comes down to simply remaining at home, enjoying the little things in a place dear to their hearts. And yet for our Seniors Helping Seniors® care recipients, it’s usually all of the above!

We understand this sentiment. For that reason, we’re always exploring new ways to help make the day-to-day easier and enjoyable. If you or a senior loved one lives alone, here are a few pointers for continuing to blossom your personal independence! Read More